Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 1

When I committed to my weight loss journey in 2011 I posted weekly (sometimes daily) blogs on my progress, struggles and everything in between. Some time in 2012 I stopped doing those weekly posts. I attempted to do them again at the start of 2013 and failed. Well not really failed...I was still be active in the "real" world. I just didn't make the time to share my ups and downs. 

I found that making it my business to share my weekly experiences on my blog made me much more accountable for what I was doing. Now that I am a heavy Instagrammer I full that has become a huge outlet for me. I have met many people like me that are struggling with weigh loss. I've also met lots of people that are very inspirational and motivational. There is nothing wrong with that but I think it's time to take things back to basics. IG is very easy share small posts with a picture and keep things moving. I want to go back to well thought out blogs where I reflect on what I have been doing week to week. More accountability and more focus on my goals. 

The new year is always the time where everyone wants to restart or start on an adventure. So the two adventures that I have planned out for the month of January are: The 30-day Push Ups Challenge and The Betty Rocker 30-Day Body Weight Challenge. Both challenges I found on Instagram, of course. 

I really do not know who started The 30-day Push Ups Challenge but I saw a both of my friends post that they were going to start this challenge and stick to it. I am up for a challenge were my runners friends aka #NYCInstaRunners are very hyped about. #NYCInstaRunners are a group of people that are so motivating that I would do anything with them...well almost anything. So far this challenge sucks!! I've done it for three days now and my upper body hates me! My form sucks! I hate push ups but some how I managed to knock out 300 push-ups in the last three days. My BFF and I are trying to keep each other accountable with this challenge....but it's so easy to just give up. We are not going to give least I hope I don't. The kids, especially Big Al, really enjoy this challenge. They try to do the push ups right along side me. Big Al actually asked me today if we were going to workout today. 

The Betty Rocker 30-Day Body Weight Challenge aka #MakeFatCryChallenge is a four week challenge created to help kick bunz! The workouts involved use no equipment just energy. You only have to do the workout 3 three times a week. That is more than enough. After the first day my entire body was sore. Soreness on top of soreness. I cried when I had to brush my hair after the 2nd day. 

Today I walked around like a whiny baby because I couldn't take the soreness. To help me focus on to why I am doing this to myself, I put on the clothing I worn for my very first progress picture on Week 4 of 2011

I have truly come a long way. Putting on those clothes were the kick that I needed to quit whing about the soreness I was feeling. I CAN to make it to Onderland. Focus and determination is what I need. Sometimes I also need a reality check. I have come to far to return to the lazy diet I have been feeding myself. 

When it comes to diet I have cut out all the sugary treats that reappear into my diet during the holiday season. I have had to say bye bye to a lot of snacks that have made there way back into the kitchen. The husband is NOT happy about that. He is a heavy snacker. He loves all the sugary treats. 

I have been being LostIt! app and website to track my meals. I have budget myself 1,800 calories a day. I am trying to integrate the tracking into my daily routine again. That's one thing that I haven't done since Halloween. 

Here are the numbers to start 2014:

Start weight: 221.4 lbs

Body Measurements:
Arms: 14 in 
Hips: 44in 
Bust: 41in 
Waist: 34in 
Thigh: 25in 

This week's goals:
1- Run!
2- Complete 700 pushups
3- Complete 4 circuits of the #MakeFatCryChallenge 
4- Track my meals for the entire week

Monday, December 30, 2013

Setting My Goals for 2014

The paraphrase a video that was share with me:

There is never a right time to do a great thing. You have to create the perfect time and the perfect situation. In my case that involves a lot of planning. If being successful at my goals were easy I wouldn't need goals. I would awake up to greatness every day. 2014 is going to be the year that will make and break a lot of habits, friends and relationships. 2014 is the year of greatness. 

In 2014, I will be running the TCS New York City Marathon. My start line to my very first marathon isn't in Staten Island on Sunday, November 2, 2014. My start line starts today. Hundreds of miles will be covered before stepping foot in the direction of those 26.2 miles. Every single day leading to that marathon is going to be a test of how mentally and physically strong of a person I am. It doesn't take any effort to sit and not challenge myself.  

Now it's time to set up the frame work for the next 12 months. These goals are just a starting point because as the finish line gets closer goals will need to be added. 

Well here are my short term goals for January:
- Resume weekly weigh loss journey blog posts (Continue this throughout the year)
- Start weekly or bi-monthly half marathon/marathon training posts. (Continue this throughout the year)
- Set a new personal record running/walking the Manhattan Half Marathon on January 26th

Long term goals and activities for 2014

Weight Loss goals:
- Each month track at least 27 days.
- Follow my routines: Get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night, know how I am going to be active the next day and put my fork down and sip water between bites.
- Enter Onderland by my 34th birthday.

Biking goals:
- Participate in the following Bike Tour: Five Boro, Tour de Staten Island, Tour de Brooklyn, Tour de Queens, Century (55mile) and Tour de Bronx.
- Do not fall off my BIKE! 

Running Goals:
- Complete NYRR's 9+1 
- Complete NYRR's 5 Borough Series.
- Complete a Half Marathon 11 out of 12 months.
- Run/Walk with my Bestie
- Complete a Half Marathon within 2:50:00
- Complete the NYC Marathon within 6:00:00

Personal Goals:
- Defeat my inner emotional eating demon
- Go on more family outings
- Spent more time with close friends
- Spent more time with my sofa

"You will never be successful until you turn your pain into greatness....Your pain is going to be apart of your prize."

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reflecting On My 2013 Goals

A lot has been happening in The Land of the Awesome that have kept me from focusing on my blog. 

Reflecting on the goals that I had created for myself is a great way to move forward and create goals for 2014. Here were my long term goals for 2013...let's see how I did. 

Long term goals and activities for 2013

Weight Watcher goals: (In May I cancelled my WW membership. I hadn't used the tools for two months prior to canceling my membership. )
- Each month track at least 27 days.
- Follow my routines: Get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night, know how I am going to be active the next day and put my fork down and sip water between bites.
- Submit my success story by July
- Lots of water
- Reach my ActiveLink daily goal at least 5 times a week.

- Enter Onderland (Did not happen)

Biking goals:
Purchase a new bike... fixed gear and 28 inch tires. Purchased bike arrived on 1/7/2013 (Don't worry Lenny is not going anywhere.)
- Participate in the following Bike Tour: Five Boro, Tour de Staten Island, Tour de Brooklyn, Tour de Queens, Century (35mile) and Tour de Bronx. 
- Attend a few social rides
- Create a social ride
- Attend a Track or Die NYC Alley Cat Race (Maybe participate in one)
- Go to Bike Fetish Day

Running Goals:
- Participate in the NYRR 9+1 (Yeah, you read that right.) (Yes!!! I completed this by June.)
- Participate in the following NYRR races: 5 Borough Series, Gridiron Classic, Coogan's 5K, Run As One, Race to Deliver and Jingle Bell Jog  (Yes, I did all of them except the Jingle Bell Jog)
- Run/Walk with my Bestie

Personal Goals:
- Defeat my inner emotional eating demon (Still working on this one)
- Get a full length mirror and take pictures of myself in front of it
- Go on more family outings (YES!!)
- Spent more time with my friends (YES!!)
- Make some more friends (I've made more than enough friends while running races.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

So much is happening in the Land of the Awesome that I can't seem to fit in blogging. By the time I am done with my daily adventures I am too tired to set at a computer and type out my thoughts. I am really hoping that I am able to change that in 2014. I am going to have so much to write when I start my journey to the 2014 NYC Marathon.

So for now...I am going to sum up the happening since this year's marathon. Here we go...

I was the 4th person to vote in my district on Election Day. I am determined to be 1st next year.

I took plenty of #MuffinTopCheck photos. I am very proud of my progress.

Big Al and Little Al made their own kind of fun at Old Navy. I have no idea how she got in there.

The kids had so much fun they didn't want to leave the park.

I attended my 5th and final Marine Corp Birthday Ball.

Of course I had to fight styling this child's hair.
I hosted two Manhattan Half Training Runs. It was awesome!

I run the race that started it all. I run Race to Deliver to celebrate one year of running. I did awesome!

I spent Thanksgiving with my very best bestie. I carved the turkey of course.

November flew by....I am promise to be a better blogger in December.
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