Monday, October 25, 2010


I need a hug.

For two days in a row, Big Al has been pull-up-less from sun up to sun down. Sending him to the potty has been great except when it's time to poopie. Normally, he hides in his room and does his business fun. That's doesn't work so well in under wears. Today and yesterday when it was poopie time he self regulated himself to go to the bathroom and poop.

It was awesome to see him jet to the bathroom for some quality time. It got very quiet in the bathroom..... Then I hear..."Oh no" softly. I walk into the bathroom.....Big Al says, "Sticky!" and holds up his hand with.......poopie on it.


It turns out that he got up before he was done.....SMH! (harder)

He pulled up his under wears and got the "sticky" stuff on his hands......and the toilet.....and the tiles on the wall......and the tiles on the floor.....and the bathroom door. SMH!

I took a deep breathe and started cleaning. All Big Al could says is "Sorry Mommy Sorry."

I explained to him that you have to finish before you stand up... He repeated everything I said but I know it didn't understand because he did the same thing again a few hours ago.

SMH.... my head hurts.

Potty training with a child sensory integration issues is harder than calculus.... just to think I have to start with Aly very soon....

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Tired Mom said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sure you're ready to pull your hair out, but don't give up! I could only wish my daughter would sit on the toilet without clothes or a diaper. She just won't do it.

Eventually your hard work and patience will pay off, and the fact that he apologized shows he knows what he did was wrong and he's trying. Keep at it!

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