Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to CPSE Little Al

Finally!!!! We have an IEP. Not just any type of IEP.....A 12-month IEP. YAY!! I have stressed over not having a CPSE IEP since May. I have not slept well for the last three weeks knowing that summer session had ended and I didn't have an IEP or a date for a meeting.

Today I got a call asking if I could have the IEP meeting today......yes today. I was in shock! I have waited and waited. Re-opened her CPSE case twice and I got a phone call for a last minute meeting. I had the last 65 days off from school and now I have my meeting.

So I quickly called my Service Coordinator...she didn't pick up phone so I knew she was out on the field. I had to head to this meeting with no back up and two kids. I do my best work without them. I had no help and no choice.

As we walked to 1 Fordham Plaza, I get more and more nervous. I hate that my Little Al's destiny is in the hands of paper pushers and all I can do is fight. Fight to the bitter end.

I get there before the school representative. I started mentally reviewing what is going on with Little Al and all the things that needs to be address. They appear and the rep hands me the copies of the evaluations that were done 7/22. (Yeah today is 9/1...Why the long wait?) The admin and rep go in the office while I am still waiting. They were setting up the computerized portion of the IEP. Cool beans. They gives me enough time to read through the evaluations and memorize the recommended service from each evaluator.
-small class setting

ABA was not recommended...strange but ok...I got it.

Time to go in.

Keeping the kids quiet and out of the way was very stressful. Big Al wanted to talked to everyone and show them his Power Ranger. We calmed him done and got to work.

We had some back and forth between the three of us about health insurance, ABA programming, diagnosis and the right paperwork, etc..A topics that I got very upset over. I was offer an ABA program in Manhattan. 23rd street. (Yeah I am sending my 3 years daughter on a bus down the FDR five days a thanks) I never seem to have the right paperwork in the eyes of Department of Education. I am not going to get into great detail with that portion of the meeting. There was a lot of talking and not much progress was made. Because of my "lack" of paperwork the label of Autism was not in the cards. My tension grew.

Soap box time: Not everyone has Medicaid that pays for everything. I work to pay my bills and educational loans and don't sit back and collect a check for my children disabilities like 99% of the parents in Special Education programs. I am not a Welfare career mom. (99% may not be right but it feels like it. Also, there are Moms and Dads that genuinely stay at home and do not abuse the system. I praise them for doing the right thing.) 

I was asked how I wanted Little Aly to be labelled. I agreed to "Pre-school student with disabilities", the same as her brother.

I was giving the run down of the services that was going to be offered:
-Small class setting 8:1:2 full day five days a week
-OT 2x30
-PT 2x30
-SLT 2x3
Do you agree to that?

 "No.While I was waiting I read in the Psychology Evaluation that counseling with recommended." My voice is shaky at this point.

Wide eyes & silence

"Well with the increase from half day to full day and smaller class setting well wait and see if she really needs it."

"Well she is quick tempered and gives the staff hard time. She also does not play with kids in her class. She also hits her brother and we don't need her to start hitting kids in her class room."

"Well.....what do you want to do?"

"Ahhh....Let me see.....Yeah."

"Thank you."

I felt the ton of bricks on my back grow. I felt like I was the only one in this world fighting for my daughter. The sad fact is...I am the only fighting this fight. I felt the stress of other things going on in my life that I don't blog about. I burst into tears. I told the ladies in the room that the stress of what's going on all around has got me to my limit. I have a lot on my plate with no help what so ever. I explained to them some of my home situation. They replied that one of them is going to start crying.

I never cry at these things. I usually cry when I am blogging about it.

So 9 days before Little Aly ages out of Early Intervention I finally get my 12 month CPSE IEP.

When I went home and combed through all of the page 6s aka the goals, I noticed that counseling goals was in with all the another goals for the all other related services. So she was approving these goals but not the related service to go with them. Hmmmmm.....someone needs to actually read the IEP before approving it. I normally read the IEP in the meeting but I was too emotional to read. Plus I knew the goal before hand. Her IEP is identical to brother's IEP at 3 years old.

Now time to call the bus company to make sure she is on that bus on the 8th.

PS. My favorite goal is on page 6A4. Improving toileting skills. OH YEAH!!! Let the adventure BEGIN!!

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