Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Things Big Deal - "That Boy Can Dance!"

Many people thought that I was crazy putting Big Al in dance back in July 2010. His has global development delays, why would you put him in a dance class? His is wearing leg braces, why would you put him in a dance class? Doesn't he get physical therapy, wouldn't dance go against that? He is a boy!

I wrote about his first day of summer session in the post We're The Dancers. My gut told me that this was the right thing to do. Time and time again we get the stares and nasty looks when I place his ballet shoes on his feet.

The almost all girl environment helps him focus on the task at hand. He was able to focus on the dance so well that he was able to successfully participate in the June Show Flippin' Channels.

Every Saturday I fight him to put his dance clothes on. He tells me time and time again that he doesn't want to go and that he wants to stay home and play. Sometimes I feel bad that I drag him out the door to but other times I remind myself, this is the boy that has major transitioning issues. Of course he will give a fight to go to class because it's a change from being home from not being home. He fights and cries up until we get to the studio. He smiles and quickly changes his shoes to run off to class. I never get to see his week to week improvements. The studio doesn't have a glass wall where parents can see. The teachers close the door as soon as it's time to dance. All I can do is listen in the wall at the music and the teacher's instruction.

When class is done he is smiling, red face and sweaty. I can only assume that he did a great job. He can now tell me that he had fun but he doesn't want to show me any of his moves.

This past weekend wasn't any different. He did the same I don't want to go song and dance. After dance as always sweaty red smiles. The one thing that was different was a parent stopped and told Big Al how much of a great job he did.

"Papi, you have some great moves." He looked at her and said, "Thank you."

"Mami, that boy can dance. He was showing her his moves in class today."

I was speechless.

I guess she got a sneak peek in the middle of class when the traffic is low in the studio hallway. This very brief exchange was a very big deal. She saw what I see in my son everyday.....Greatness.

This post is apart of Little Things Are Big Deals over at AutismWonderland.


Joey Bawlz said...

That's so great. Go Big Al!!!

MODERN MOM said...

That is great!! way to go Big AL!

AutismWonderland said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwwww Greal Job Big Al

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