Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Al's 2012 IEP Meeting

Happy first day of spring! It was a perfect day to have a meeting. Normally the days and weeks leading up to an IEP meeting I am a nervous wreak. I have been unusually calm since I got my letter that Big Al's IEP meeting with scheduled. I guess it's because I have the team of service providers on my side. It also helped that Parent Teacher Conference was last week and I was able to have a longer conversation with the classroom teacher and speech therapist. It felt like a pre-IEP meeting meeting. The teacher couldn't stress the important changes in curriculum and what is required of all children special needs or not. The speech therapist see clearly that Big Al is on the spectrum and also see why the Department of Education does not recognize him being on the spectrum. As much paperwork that I have pushed over the last four school years the Department of Education will only recognize him as Speech and Language Impaired. It's upsetting but the providers at his school completely understand and have looked pass the label of Speech and Language Impaired and focus on the issues associated with Autism.

Today's meeting started off on the wrong foot. The school Internet was completely down. This is not good, especially since SEISS a web based program. So that meant the attendance sheet was NOT generated and neither was the final copy of the IEP. The counselor and the IEP teacher tried to use the counselor's MiFi to print the necessary pages. They tried and tried with no success. Since I was in a great mood I let it pass but not without giving them a hard time and make them sweat. Tee-he

I noticed that the tech teacher was going insane trying to figure out what was going on in the brain of the school's Internet. I knew that I was not going to leave with an IEP any time soon. This is the biggest flaw with SEISS. You can't work on the document offline. No Internet = BIG problems.

Each service provider spoke their word. Everyone had positive things to say about Big Al's progress. They spoke about the areas that need work. I agreed. I spoke my part about him. I filled them in on the over all progress he has made since he was 2. I explained to them that I will support ALL the work that is being done with him at school, at home. I asked each provider to suggest an activity or program to support him during the summer month since this well be the first time he will not have summer school. One by one they all said that what we have planned is great. Swimming, tap and time with family. The speech therapist is going to make copies of a program that promotes cognitive development to use with him.

Since I will be unable to return to the school for another IEP meeting I agreed to have the IEP sent home tomorrow and I can tear it apart and send back the changes. The IEP teacher, counselor and OT, whom I never met before, were very very impressed by my drive to give my Big Al the world within his ability. I can't wait to sit with the document tear it to pieces in the comfort of my own home. The Internet being down worked in my favor....sorry guys you should have been prepared for every situation.

When the IEP teacher asked me if I had any questions.....HA! Of course I had questions!
Where the service frequencies changed? Yes PT changed.
Where's the PT? He is only at the school on Thursdays and Fridays.
Will you forward the PT my number so that I could talk to him? Sure.
Where are the SEISS progress reports? They were never printer? (Her eyebrows raised and mouth dropped)
No. Where are the progress reports? I'll print them for you when the Internet.
Do you need the PT/OT prescription today or when the IEP is printed? You don't have them now right?
Yes I do have them now....You want them. Yes (mouth dropped again.)
Thank you ...I have no more questions

Surprisingly the PT called me an hour later. He explained his part and Big Al has improved. He suggested that he joins a sport or marital arts. He was shocked that he was in dance class and suggest that he should take hip hop to help with strength. Daddy was happy to get the martial arts endorsement.

I can't wait to get the IEP tomorrow.....*evil laughter*

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