Saturday, April 14, 2012

The New York Botanical Garden With The Bestie

Finally, after for trying and trying for what seems forever my Bestie, Roxy, and I were able to have a play date with my kids and her niece and nephew. It may sound very funny to have a play date with her nephew because AJ is so to be 18 years old. I don't remember having play dates with 11, 5 and 3 years old when I was 17, 18 years old. It sound funny but I think its totally awesome. AJ is such a sweet and down to Earth kid. He is a great roll model for my three little monkeys. So we need to have more play-dates before he goes off to college. (HINT HINT

Our play-date was a cultural event.  (Every thing I do is an am feeling punchy while writing this post.) The stars were aligned so that all my kids and her kids were available all at the same time.We got together and visited The New York Botanical Garden. It was our first spring visit of this year. I am pleased that this was my second cultural institution in one week. This has my Cool Culture juices flowing. I was in hibernation and now it use it before I don't have the Family Pass anymore.

I was the official tour guide...well maybe Big Al was he took control of the map. We did our normal route when at NYBG. Conservatory, tram, library and Children's Garden. There is a lot of walking especially for those with "new" legs like Little Al. It was all worth it. We got to see the Orchard Show. Beautiful and awesome flowers and plants. Too bad I misplaced my camera and would have had about 500 pictures from our visit. I was only able to take a few using my iPhone. Those pictures came out pretty good.

When were in the garden long enough to enjoy the activity available at the Children's Garden. We made terrariums! YAY! Another time where mommy was freaking out in her head. When we reached the activity it began to lightly rain so everyone in outdoor part of the Children's Garden flocked inside. So it became crowded in the blink of an eye. There was a lot of confusion and impatient mothers. We were able to successfully created four terrariums with minimum dirtiness. Unfortunately, Big Bea  hit the deck. She panic for a moment and tried to fix it. Has a grand gesture Roxy's niece, Janae, traded her terrarium for Becky's wrecked one. That's is pretty awesome. (Of course Titi Roxy aided in the gesture.) Janae walked back to the construction area and re-built it.

So many great and wonderful things happened socially during this visit its so hard to writing about them all. Janae, who also has special needs, warmed up nicely to Big Bea and they had a giggled old time. She also was willing to play and guide Big and Little Al throughout the grounds. AJ said that this is a miracle. Another great social achievement came with Little Al. When trading child for a potty break Little Al was willing to leave my hand and go with Roxy with no tears or worries. That's right no tears. The only person she is willing to leave me for is her Titi Katrina. This is a major milestone.

Another cool thing that happen at NYBG was we ran into a former co-worker of ours, Jenn. (Hi, Jennifer!) We finally got to met her very famous twins, Brooke and Brian. They are so yummy I want to eat them up. Little Al finally got to met Jenn's oldest daughter, Bridget. Jenn and I were pregnant at the same time for Little Al and Bridget. They were born less than 2 weeks apart and have never met outside of the womb. As we know Little Al isn't much of a talker so she really didn't have much to say to Bridget but they did get to playing. It was very nice to see the girls together.

The New York Botanical Garden is sensory friendly and transitions friendly. The only time I had a problem with noise level and people traffic and volume was when everyone came in out of the rain. The properly placed in the Conservatory always makes it easy for potty training. However, the restrooms near the reflection pool is not the cleanest. There is a lot for walking involved in this very large garden. Children with "new" legs will need help getting around if you plan of staying for an extended amount of time. Bring an umbrella but keep in mind they are not allowed in the Conservatory or the Children's Garden Activity House. Little Aly's legs did get tired when we were on our way to the parking lot. I pick her up for a little while and put her down when she realized that she was leaving.

I can't wait to go back soon to see the next round of blooming flowers.

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vanita said...

lol i live in the bronx and haven't been to the garden in years. the kids and i had planned to go this past wednesday but it was too darn cold. thanks for this great post. i definitely have to take the kids.

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